Date: 21st October 2000

She Loves You

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY plotted to win the love of his girlfriend HEATHER MILLS - by arranging business meetings to get near her and admire her bottom.

The former BEATLES star kisses Heather passionately and admits that he loves her in a TV interview to be shown in Britain tomorrow night (22OCT00).

Heather reveals that she first knew he was interested when she caught Paul ogling her bum in a lift. Paul met Heather at an awards ceremony in April last year (99) and says that although he tried to play it cool, "When I saw her at that awards show I thought wow, she looks great. "So I found out her number - like you do - and rang her and said, 'We should talk about some charity stuff.' "We had three or four meetings at the office, all very prim and proper and I realised that I fancied her. I did fancy her from the start but I was playing it cool."

And Heather explains to the presenter, "I love him." Paul looks surprised and says, "On national telly?" before admitting, "Yeah, I love her."


Source: WENN