Date: 20th October 2000

America's Men Want To Look Like Russell Crowe

Hollywood's hunks are hoping GLADIATOR costumes will do for them what they did for RUSSELL CROWE - as they pour into costume shops to purchase their Halloween disguises.

Crowe's romantic luck has changed ever since he donned the sexy toga costumes complete with sword and shield - he's currently entwined in a romantic relationship with blonde actress MEG RYAN.

And keen to cash in on some of Crowe's good fortune, men across America are rushing to shops in the hope they will be equally successful on Halloween night (31OCT00). Shop owner DOUG SPESERT says, "Gladiator's the big costume this year. Last year (99) everybody wanted to be Austin Powers but this year it's Russell Crowe's macho costume everybody wants. "It's everything from the toga to the body armour, there will be a lot of gladiators out on Halloween." (SVD/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN