Date: 5th November 2020

Rachel Nichols to Lead Macabre Horror movie 'Demigod'.

Rachel Nichols is set to star in the horror film Demigod from The Dinner Party writer-director Miles Doleac.

Co-written by Michael Donovan Horn and Miles Doleac and helmed by the latter, the film centers on Robin (Nichols) as she travels to Germany's Black Forest with her husband Leo (Yohance Myles) following the news of her huntsman grandfather's death. Upon arriving at his secluded cabin, Robin learns her inheritance is a macabre and terrifying secret that will see her becoming entrenched in an ancient hunting ritual that will force her to reckon with her family's past and overcome the monstrous obstacles ahead.

"I needed an actor who could play power, pathos, and vulnerability in equal measure," Doleac said in a statement. "I've admired Rachel's work for many years and I knew she could brilliantly capture this character’s complexities. There's a lot of pent-up creative energy. It's exciting and terrifying to be getting back to work on a film. I think, from a creative perspective, that's a pretty good place to be."

The film also features Jeremy London, Sherri Eakin, Lindsay Anne Williams, Alli Hart and Doleac. Shoot is due to get underway in December in Mississippi for Doleac’s Historia Films and Artist Vodka Films.

Source: Press Release



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