Date: 26th October 2020

Michael B Jordan Reportedly Up To Direct Creed III.

Michael B. Jordan is reportedly in talks to not only star in, but also direct, the third installment in the "Creed" film series.

While there is no official word on the matter from either MGM or Jordan, the news is in line with a mentioned from producer Irvin Winkler, who says he offered Jordan the chance to step behind the camera for the third film. If it does come to pass, it would mark his directorial debut, ahead of a short film and another cinematic project he has on his to-do list.

The actor and producer has been with the franchise from the beginning, so it makes sense that he would be eyed to helm the next installment. Jordan initially re-teamed with Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler for 2015's Creed, later reprising his role as boxer Adonis Johnson in 2018's Creed II.

Michael B. Jordan starred in the previous two Creed installments and was actually offered a shot at directing Creed 3 back in 2018. Longtime Rocky franchise producer Irwin Winkler spoke about the offer in his book, Life in Movies: Stories From 50 Years in Hollywood. The book reads: "I promised Michael B. Jordan that he'd get his chance to direct Creed 3... Last year (2018) in a conversation with our Creed star Michael B. Jordan, I offered him the opportunity to not only star in, but also to direct Creed 3." So, there is already a precedent set for Jordan taking over the directorial duties, but will he do it?

When discussing his passion for directing, Michael B. Jordan said, "I've always wanted respect from my peers... to be somebody that will be respected forever, who has an amazing body of work, who affected these kids and these people." He went on to say that he wants his success measured by those whom he was able to help along the way. "My greatness I want measured by the people that I put on. Like, actor X ten years from now, he has a career that has far exceeded mine. And ask him, 'Who looked out?' And he'll say me."

Source: Press Release