Date: 10th July 2020

Jude Law Eyed to Play Captain Hook in Peter Pan Live-Action Disney Movie.

Disney is looking to cast Jude Law as Captain Hook in the upcoming live-action Peter Pan & Wendy.

Law is in talks to star as Captain Hook in the upcoming Disney feature, “Peter Pan and Wendy,” which is set to be directed by David Lowery. The film is set to be the latest live-action adaptation of the classic ‘Pan’ story that has been seen in various forms over the decades. However, this is Disney’s first major attempt to bring the iconic tale to life in live-action, following the success of its various other live-action versions of animated features.

The role was reportedly originally offered to Joker's Joaquin Phoenix before he turned it down.

Director David Lowery has been attached to Peter Pan & Wendy since 2016, set to work off a screenplay he co-wrote with Toby Halbrooks. Lowery, who’s known for a gritty, yet contemplatively-shot filmmaking style, came into Disney’s orbit when he directed another one of the company’s live-action updates of an animated classic, 2016’s Pete’s Dragon.

“Peter Pan and Wendy” is the latest in a long list of adaptations of J.M. Barrie’s novel about a boy who refused to grow up and the mystical world of Neverland. The most recent adaptation was the critically-savaged flop “Pan,” starring Hugh Jackman. There was also the early-2000s “Peter Pan,” featuring Jason Isaacs as Hook.

Source: Press Release