Date: 9th July 2020

Ryan Gosling's Wolf Man Movie Gets Invisible Man Director.

Universal's latest monster movie reboot, Wolfman, has found its director in Invisible Man's Leigh Whannell. Ryan Gosling is attached to star.

Gosling has been working to develop the project, with various filmmakers in the mix for the gig. Now, Whannell has emerged and will take the helm for yet another classic Universal monsters revamp.

Leigh Whannell will direct Wolfman with Ryan Gosling in the lead role. Whannell will also write a treatment for the movie based on the 1941 cinematic classic. Previously, it was reported that this new take will be set in present-day, with comparisons made to Jake Gyllenhaal's Nightcrawler.

Back in 2017, Universal attempted to create a shared universe built around their stable of classic horror monsters. The first installment, The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, disappointed at the box office and received poor reviews. This forced the studio to shift directions, instead moving to smaller-budgeted efforts with unique stories. The Invisible Man became a major hit earlier this year thanks to its creative premise and Elisabeth Moss' incredible lead performance.

Source: Press Release



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