Date: 21st April 2020

David Lynch Has No Interest In New "Dune".

David Lynch has "zero interest" in seeing Denis Villeneuve's Dune remake. Lynch famously took on Frank Herbert's source material for the first big screen adaptation in 1984. The project did not live up to the expectations that sci-fi fans had and it was a critical and commercial flop.

The new Dune movie from Denis Villeneuve though, which is planned to take place across two parts, is already generating buzz thanks to recently released production photos.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he had this to say on the Dune remake:

"I have zero interest in Dune... Because it was a heartache for me. It was a failure and I didn’t have final cut. I’ve told this story a billion times. It’s not the film I wanted to make. I like certain parts of it very much - but it was a total failure for me."

Asked again if lack of interest would extend to seeing someone else’s version of the story, he reaffirmed with "I've got zero interest." Lynch also once again confirmed he’s far more interested in working on TV projects in the near future:

"Right now. feature films in my book are in big trouble, except for the big blockbusters. The art house films, they don’t stand a chance. They might go to a theater for a week and if it’s a Cineplex they go to the smallest theater in the setup, and then they go to Blu-ray or On Demand. The big-screen experience right now is gone. Gone, but not forgotten.

I really love a continuing story, and cable television I say is the new art house. You have total freedom. The sound isn’t as good as a great theater; the picture isn’t as big - but TVs are getting bigger and bigger and better and better, so there’s hope. And then you have this chance for a continuing story, so it’s the new art house, I say."

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