Date: 19th October 2000

Does The Rest Of The Country Care About "Subway" Series?

Analysts were speculating today (Thursday) about whether the "subway" World Series between the Yankees and Mets will result in bigger or lower ratings for the annual event.

Today's (Thursday) Wall Street Journal said that opinion is mixed and quoted former CBS sports chief Neal Pilson as saying, "The rest of the country isn't that interested in what goes on in a single city. I wouldn't be surprised if the series is on the low end of expectations."

But Steve Sternberg, an exec with ad buyer TN Media, commented: "A subway series has the best story lines, and since most baseball fans are either Yankee lovers or Yankee haters, that gives this match-up an edge." The newspaper said that Fox is getting about $325,000 per spot for the games.

Source: Studio Briefing