Date: 19th October 2000

007 To Be A Dad Again

JAMES BOND actor PIERCE BROSNAN and fiancee KEELY SHAYE SMITH are expecting their second child together.

The pair are delighted by the good news - and also plan to marry after the child is born next year (01).

Brosnan says, "It's exciting, but it comes with a certain anxiety of another child. Bigger responsibility, but there's great excitement." The movie star couple's wedding was called off last May (00) after Brosnan's son by his first wife was seriously injured in an horrific car crash.

Keely adds, "We're going to go ahead with our plans next year, and God willing we'll get up to the alter with all the kids in tow."A little unorthodox maybe in the eyes of the Catholic church, but done with love." (NF/AB/RGS)

Source: WENN