Date: 21st October 2019

Naomie Harris Eyed To Play Villain Shriek in Venom 2.

Naomie Harris is in talks to portray the sonic-powered villain Shriek in the upcoming sequel to Venom, which returns Tom Hardy in the title role and features Woody Harrelson as the fan-favorite bad guy called Carnage.

Shriek is the love interest of the villain known as Carnage, who was teased at the end of the original "Venom" in a cameo by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson's casting has not been confirmed, but there's speculation that the actor will return to play the main villain. If Harris's deal closes as Shriek, she'll play an additional villain in the film. Michelle Williams is also expected to return as a co-star.

The second Venom is due in theaters on October 2, 2020. Sources close to the production confirmed the advanced discussions with Harris, which was reported first by Variety. Sony declined comment on the casting process.

Source: Press Release



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