Date: 17th October 2019

Jonah Hill Is No Longer In Talks For The Batman.

Jonah Hill is no longer in talks to the join the cast of Matt Reeves' The Batman. It is believed Hill was in negotiations to play the villainous Riddler in the movie.

Apparently talks between Hill and Warner Bros broke down, and now the studio is looking at new candidates to fill that empty slot.

It's a good bet that the main reasons negotiations fell through is the same reason so many do: money. It was reported that Jonah Hill was looking to make $10 million for appearing in The Batman, $5 million more than Robert Pattinson, the man bringing Bruce Wayne to life, would be paid. It wouldn't have been the first time an actor playing a villain in a Batman movie would earn more than the actual Batman actor, as that's what happened with Jack Nicholson on 1989's Batman, but in this instance, it's a moot point since Hill has departed.

Writer and director Matt Reeves revealed last January that The Batman would include a "rogue gallery", i.e. many of Batman's colorful adversaries. Along with Penguin and Riddler, this lineup will reportedly include Catwoman (who ZoŽ Kravit will play), Two-Face, Firefly and Mad Hatter.

Source: Press Release