Date: 3rd October 2019

Eddie Murphy Confirms Beverly Hills Cop 4 Is His Next Movie.

Eddie Murphy says his next film project after Coming 2 America will be the long-awaited sequel Beverly Hills Cop 4.

Speaking with Collider in a new interview to promote his Netflix movie Dolemite Is My Name, Murphy opened up about what's coming next in his career. Most interestingly, the actor revealed the very next film project on his slate after Coming 2 America will be filming the next Beverly Hills Cop sequel before returning to the stage to resume his stand-up career.

"Yeah that's what we're doing after Coming 2 America. We're doing Beverly Hills Cop. Then the plan is to get back on stage and do stand-up. That's what I'll be doing mostly, is stand-up, and Beverly Hills Cop will be like - I keep saying it, these movies and Saturday Night Live is kind of like, I'm looking at it as a bookend. If I decide I just want to stay on the couch forever, I'd ended my movie career on a funny note."

Beverly Hills Cop 4 will make for one of many iconic returns for Murphy, both as an actor and comedian. Progress on Coming 2 America has gone much more swimmingly in comparison to the Beverly Hills Cop sequel. Set to release in theaters on Dec. 18, 2020, Murphy will reprise his classic role from Coming to America along with returning co-stars Shari Headley, John Amos, Arsenio Hall, Louie Anderson, Paul Bates, and James Earl Jones.

Source: Press Release