Date: 8th July 2019

Sylvester Stallone Confirms He's Working on a New Expendables Movie.

Sylvester Stallone is preparing to work on the highly anticipated The Expendables 4.

The sequel was starting to get some hype back in 2017, but "Creed 2" and "Rambo 5" took precedence for Stallone as he tried to figure out where the 'Expendables' franchise might go next.

It seems the 4th of July holiday inspired Sylvester Stallone to make his Expendables 4 announcement. "All of those July 4th Fireworks got my mind going! I am starting to cook up The next adventure!" Said Stallone on social media. He posted a picture of himself as Barney Ross looking pretty badass. Fans of the franchise have been waiting on a status update for quite some time now.

Which fellow actors will return is unclear. Stallone is working on the script and Arnold Schwarzenegger has previously expressed interest in returning if Stallone is satisfied with the script. Dolph Lundgren could well be back as he worked with Stallone again on “Creed 2”.

Source: Press Release