Date: 21st June 2019

Sony Confirms Tom Hardy Will Return For Venom 2.

Producer Amy Pascal confirmed Tom Hardy will be back as Eddie Brock in Venom 2, which is expected to arrive next year.

This was pretty much expected to be the case when it was revealed that Sony was moving forward with a sequel to last year's hit blockbuster. However, it hadn't yet been confirmed by anyone from the studio directly. And, given the fact that Hardy is very much an in-demand star, there was some possible concern over him being willing to carry a franchise on his shoulders.

Amy Pascal was asked about the future of the franchise. Naturally, she remained tight-lipped, but did promise that the English star is set to return.

"I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing that character as no one else can."

Venom, despite being absolutely lambasted by critics upon arrival, wound up being an absolutely massive hit. The Marvel Comics adaptation, directed by Ruben Fleischer, grossed $855 worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing movies of 2018 overall. As such, work on a follow-up got going rather quickly.

Source: Press Release