Date: 18th March 2019

Disney Has Reinstated James Gunn To Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 3.

Disney has reinstated James Gunn as director of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, bringing an end to the saga that began last year with the filmmaker's dismissal from the project last year due to inappropriate past tweets.

Last year Disney announced that they were firing Gunn over indefensible tweets that the director had made years prior. The tweets were inexcusable, and the director did everything he could do to apologize for making those tweets. Fans and even the cast of Guardians hit social media to reinstate Gunn including myself. But Disney stood its ground and fired him, even though Gunn had written and completed the script for Guardians of The Galaxy 3.

One report is now telling us that the situation wasn't all it appeared to be. While writing up the news of Gunn's reappointment, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that according to "insiders", Disney never actually fired the director.

Despite what we'd heard, there was never any real search for a replacement for Guardians 3 and in actual fact, the studio went back to Gunn following his dismissal to make a secret deal for him to return to helm the movie after a certain amount of time.

Source: Press Release