Date: 18th October 2000

No Shooting On Jolie Film Shoot

ANGELINA JOLIE's TOMB RAIDER character LARA CROFT has been given a passport to film in Cambodia - but the pistol-packing superhero will not be allowed to use her guns.

Scenes will be filmed in Cambodia's world famous Angkor temples, but the country's government will not allow her to blast enemies with her trademark twin 45-calibre shooters - saying it will reinforce images of the country as violent and strife-torn. SOM SOKUN, director of cinema for Cambodia's MINISTRY OF CULTURE, says, "We will allow them to have guns, but not to shoot. "We want to show Cambodia's heritage to the world, the beauty of our temples - not violence."

Despite her action hero image, PARAMOUNT BRITISH PICTURES is promising to portray Cambodia in the film as a "
beautiful haven of peace and tranquillity". The country was used as a location for the movie THE KILLING FIELDS, which portrayed the brutality of the 1970's KHMER ROUGE regime that wiped out nearly two million Cambodians. (RGS/WNWCAN/CPT)

Source: WENN