Date: 18th October 2000

De Niro's Bacon Soaked In Sardine Juice

ROBERT DE NIRO had to munch on sardine-soaked bacon for his latest movie hit MEET THE PARENTS - because his on-screen pet cat MR JINX hated pork.

Movie star Himalayan cat MISHA was trained to jumped up and take bacon out of De Niro's mouth for a hilarious scene in America's number one comedy, but trainer DAWN BARKAN couldn't make the puss take the pork. She says, "I must say Bob was very gracious because he held a sardine-drenched piece of bacon in his mouth for a long time."

Barkan also reveals that scenes in the movie where De Niro's pet is seen to be relieving itself in a human toilet were for real, not, as some have suggested, the work of clever special effects. She adds, "Cats can be trained to relieve themselves anywhere you put the litter box." (KL/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN