Date: 18th October 2000

Uma Thurman Never Reads Her Interviews

UMA THURMAN never reads anything that's written about her or her second husband ETHAN HAWKE - because she knows it won't represent her.

The beautiful PULP FICTION actress says she's always steered clear of interviews about her or Hawke, because nothing good can come out of reading them. She says, "I don't read anything about me and I don't read anything about him. "I stopped. I felt it wasn't productive. I feel that the things that flatter one don't necessarily help, and the things that are less kind don't encourage trust, which one has to operate with. "And I just thought, `How can someone who doesn't know you, and whom you don't know, sit down with you for two hours and possibly represent something that you'd recognise?'"

But Thurman adds, even if she'll never read the words, she does look at the pictures. "Yes, I will look." she confesses. "A picture is worth a thousand words." (LE/HB/PDD)

Source: WENN



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