Date: 18th October 2000

Travolta: BATTLEFIELD EARTH Is A Cult Film

Hollywood superstar JOHN TRAVOLTA insists his much-slammed movie BATTLEFIELD EARTH will become a cult classic - like BLADE RUNNER.

In his eyes, the much-hyped science-fiction epic was not a major box-office or critical disaster. Travolta admits he was disappointed with the critical panning the film received, but was not surprised. He says, "I did my research. Critics traditionally don't like science-fiction.

Many critics didn't give ALIEN, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY or BLADE RUNNER good reviews on their initial releases, but have since revised those opinions. "
I feel that's going to happen with Battlefield Earth. There are already whole Internet fan sites devoted to the movie." Travolta predicts, "The movie will have as faithful a following as the novel does." (JM/WNWCCC/NFA)

Source: WENN