Date: 4th September 2018

'Die Hard 6' Now Titled 'McClane'.

The sixth film in the Die Hard franchise, a rumoured prequel/ sequel, has a new title. The movie, which will once again feature Bruce Willis in the lead role, will be simply titled McClane, after his New York police officer John McClane. Len Wiseman is directing the film for 20th Century Fox, while Lorenzo diBonaventura produced.

The first few Die Hard films have been widely considered some of the best in the action genre, over the past 20 years. 1988's Die Hard, the one that started it all, has even been touted as one of the best Christmas films of all time, even though franchise's star, Bruce Willis, disagrees with the Christmas classification. While the series has hit legendary status, the most recent film, A Good Day to Die Hard, was anything but. Now, Willis returns for his sixth film of the franchise, with a new name and direction that'll hopefully return the action franchise to its former glory.

Source: Press Release