Date: 17th October 2000

Billy Elliot Star Isn't Tempted By Hollywood

Despite the fact that several top critics are predicting that fourteen-year-old Jamie Bell is likely to become the first child star to win the Oscar for best actor, Bell says he has no intention of pursuing a film career in Hollywood.

The star of the hit British film Billy Elliot told today's (Tuesday) issue of the London Daily Express: "I'm not tempted. ... I was asked in America whether if I was offered 25 million ($40 million) to do a film with Bruce Willis if I'd do it. But I honestly wouldn't. I want to stay here."

Bell also said that when he returned to school in Durham two weeks ago after the summer holiday, some schoolmates taunted him about a scene in which his character kisses a gay friend on the cheek. "They started saying, 'We're going to beat you up because you kissed a lad.' I thought they might have taken offense because of the ballet dancing, but I was shocked by their reaction because I'd totally forgotten about the kissing scene."

Source: Studio Briefing