Date: 23rd July 2018

Tom Hardy discusses the future of the Mad Max movies.

It's been three years since director George Miller's tyre-shredding apocalypse in Mad Max: Fury Road, and now leading man Tom Hardy has discussed the possibility of some upcoming sequels.

Speaking to Variety, the Venom actor revealed: "It was always the plan to do three of them, so I think we're still waiting on being given the opportunity and the greenlight to go ahead on the next one. But when I engaged on that there was a plethora of material on it."

When questioned about the projects waiting to get the go ahead, he said: "Obviously it belongs to Warner Brothers so it would be them who greenlit it. But a lot of projects are in radial, you know you wait for something to land when it's real, and as soon as it's real we'll jump on it."

Source: Press Release