Date: 5th January 2018

Disney taps Sir Ridley Scott to make its Merlin movie.

Disney is keen for legendary director Sir Ridley Scott to work his magic on a live-action Merlin movie.

It is believed that the Merlin Saga will be Scott's next project, but nothing has been officially confirmed by Disney or Ridley Scott.

The 80-year-old filmmaker is in talks to collaborate with Sir Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings' co-write Philippa Boyens to adapt The Merlin Saga for the studio.

The character of Merlin most recently popped up in live-action in Guy Ritchie's recent flop King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, appearing only briefly as played by Kamil Lemieszewski.

Over the decades, the mighty wizard has also memorably been portrayed on the big screen by the likes of Sir John Gielgud, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sam Neill and, of course, by Eric Idle in Shrek the Third.

Source: Press Release