Date: 17th October 2000

Tom Cruise Ups The Cost Of GANGS OF NEW YORK

Don't let TOM CRUISE visit the set of your movie - because it's too expensive.

The budget on MARTIN SCORCESE's GANGS OF NEW YORK is spiralling out of control, and movie mogul HARVEY WEINSTEIN says it's all the fault of TOM CRUISE.

MIRAMAX boss Weinstein, who is producing the film - which stars CAMERON DIAZ and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO - says a quick visit from TOM CRUISE to the set in Rome has just cost them a lot of time and money. He explains, "Tom agreed with Marty that we should build another set - a cathedral no less. I had opposed it, hoping we could re-dress an existing set. So now we've built it."

And Weinstein even made sure they've got a permanent record of Cruise's legacy on set. He adds, "It's known as St Thomas Cathedral, in honour of Cruise."


Source: WENN



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