Date: 21st August 2017

Patty Jenkins in final negotiations with WB to direct 'Wonder Woman 2'

Despite the runaway success of Wonder Woman and the confirmation in July that the sequel is due in theaters Dec. 13, 2019, the director behind that success hasn’t yet been announced to return. That will soon change, as Patty Jenkins is in final talks to direct Wonder Woman 2.

The specific terms of her return to the franchise she led to a $797.8 million worldwide box-office haul are not known. But it is said to be large whatever the final numbers end up being, on par with other directors who have delivered the kind of success Jenkins brought to Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman was extremely well received by audiences and critics and is considered a righting-of-the-ship for the DC Extended Universe after the mixed receptions the previous entires Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad received.

Though both films saw very successful box office, they were criticized for excessively grim tone (in the case of BvS) and an incoherent plot (in the case of Suicide Squad). In fact, reaction to Batman v. Superman so affected Warner Bros. That it initiated a reorganization of the DC films division in May 2016.

Source: Press Release