Date: 17th October 2000

Jarred Leto Flees To Monastery To Gain Weight

CAMERON DIAZ's boyfriend JARRED LETO was forced to spend two months in a Portuguese monastery - in a desperate bid to gain weight.

The star struggled to put back the weight he lost on the streets of New York while preparing for his role as a drug addict in his latest flick REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. The actor spent months as a homeless person in New York to prepare for his heroin addict role in the movie, lost so much weight in the process that, after filming, he struggled to regain a healthy physique. Leto says, "I lived on the streets in New York. I lost a great deal of weight and I did what I had to do to get into the role. I then had to go to Portugal. I went to Portugal shaved my head and I stayed at this monastery for a few months and just ate loads of fish and potatoes. I put on the weight again - it was what I needed."

And the actor admits his intense training for the movie led to the flick being very hard hitting and distressing to watch. He adds, "It's like a train wreck. You don't want to watch it but you have to. "It is the truth of being a human being that you want to get outside of yourself and get into escapism. I am addicted to a lot of things I think we all are. There is something out there we all use to escape and that is what the movie is about."


Source: WENN



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