Date: 17th October 2000

Anna Nicole Smith "Enjoyed Three-In-A-Bed Sex" With Sean Penn

Busty ANNA NICOLE SMITH cheated on 90-year-old husband J.HOWARD MARSHALL with actors SEAN PENN and JUDD NELSON - and with other women, according to her ex-employee and self-professed lover CLAY SPIRES.

Spires claims Nicole threw herself at Penn at a Hollywood premiere, while Nelson frolicked with the sex kitten at one of PLAYBOY mogul HUGH HEFNER's New Year's Eve parties. Even more shocking are Spires's revelation of his three-in-a-bed sessions with Nicole and other women. The pair would tour topless bars in Houston looking for a suitable girl friends - for lusty Nicole. Says Spires, "The routine was always the same. I watched while a leatherclad Anna and a lingerie clad dancer went through their sexual fantasies. "I was never allowed to touch the other girl. When they'd had their fun, Anna would call me over for sex."

The ex-chauffeur and bodyguard goes on to describe two-day sex sessions fuelled by ecstasy and other illegal drugs. Ironically, Nicole never slept with her husband, Marshall. Says Spires, "
They never really had sex together and they never slept the night together. Howard liked to fondle Anna's breasts, she told me. Then he usually fell asleep."

Spires will present full details of the 38FF model's shocking secrets to a Texas probate court. Nicole was awarded 300 million ($450 million) - a third of Marshall's fortune - by a Los Angeles judge. The new hearing will decide whether the goodtime girl will actually get the fortune, with Marshall's family contesting the decision.


Source: WENN