Date: 6th July 2017

Ryan Gosling Reportedly Interested in Willy Wonka Prequel.

Oscar-nominated La La Land star Ryan Gosling is rumored to be interested in portraying Willy Wonka in Warner Bros.' upcoming Willy Wonka prequel.

Warner Bros. is planning on making another movie centered on the singing, dancing candy making man and, if this new rumor proves true, Gosling may be the next great actor to try and portray the character on the big screen in the planned Willy Wonka Prequel.

Most recently, it’s been adapted into a West End musical, and back in 2005, Johnny Depp played Wonka in Tim Burton’s relatively direct - but not very good - adaptation of the book. The less direct adaptation, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder, is by far the most loved.

Source: Press Release