Shark Bait (2006) - Synopsis

Get ready to root for the little guy in this big blue adventure! In an ocean ruled by big and powerful sharks who prey on the fearful; one small fish is about to embark on an adventure that will change the lives of the Reef’s inhabitants, forever. As a young fish from Boston, Pi (Freddie Prinze Jr.) tragically loses his parents to a fisherman’s net. Devastated and alone, Pi keeps the promise he made to his Mother, and he begins the long journey to the exotic Reef to live with his eccentric Aunt Pearl (Fran Drescher)

Upon arriving at the Reef, Pi encounters the Reef’s local celebrity, Cordelia (Evan Rachel Wood) and immediately falls for her. Pi, being the new fish in town tries to come to her rescue after Troy (Donal Logue), an evil tiger shark who also has a crush on her, won’t take no for an answer. After nearly becoming fish food, Pi is urged by Cordelia to stay away for his own sake.

After meeting his Aunt Pearl, who uses a pink pearl to tell him his destiny, Pi sets out with his cousin Dylan (Andy Dick) to see the Reef. Pi learns two important things: first, to stay away from the old pirate ship wreckage where Nerissa (Rob Schneider), the spooky old sea turtle dwells, and second, not to venture out into the flat bottom, the area outside of the Reef where humans come with their nets and hooks. Despite Cordelia’s warning, Pi finds his opportunity to shine and comes to her rescue when her fin is hooked by a lure. They share a moment and Cordelia invites him to the big show later that night.

When a budding romance between Cordelia and Pi gets cut short by Troy, she agrees to become engaged to the shark in thirty days to save Pi’s life. After Nerissa’s refusal to help Pi fight Troy, Pi is at a low point and down on his luck when he runs into the trio of elderly swordfish, Manny, Moe, and Jack (R. Lee Ermey). Jack inspires Pi to find a way to defeat Troy with one of his outlandish fish tales of his own glory days, but hope is short-lived as Pi realizes that Jack and his pals are past their prime and Thornton (John Rhys-Davies), the adventuring walrus, exaggerated his brush in with the Sea Monster.

After witnessing Pi cunningly outwit Troy’s henchmen, Nerissa agrees to train him how to use his wits and the ocean as weapons against Troy. When the decisive day comes, Pi uses all of his training and knowledge of the ocean against Troy which appears to be working, when suddenly, Troy gains the upper hand. Just when it looks like Pi is about to become sharkbait all of his friends show up and save the day. In their teamwork, they manage to lead Troy into the open sea where he is captured in a fisherman’s net, ending his reign over the Reef.

Having prevented Cordelia’s grim future with Troy, helped Nerissa to forgive and let go of the past, and inspired the members of the Reef to stand up for themselves instead of living in fear; Pi, has earned Nerissa’s treasured blue pearl. He gives this to Cordelia, a gesture of proposal, which she willingly accepts. The tale of his courage permeates the Reef, and one small fish proves that bravery comes in all kinds of packages!