Gone (2006) - Synopsis

Set against the searing skies of Australia’s brutally beautiful outback, Gone is a psychological thriller about three young people on a road trip from hell. When young Brit couple Sophie (Amelia Warner) and Alex (Shaun Evans) arrive in Australia and hook up with the enigmatic American drifter Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz), they decide to abandon the usual tourist trail of white sandy beaches and head off inland to the real outback. But as the sun beats down and the roads turn from tarmac to red dirt, Alex begins to doubt whether travelling with Taylor was such a good idea. Especially since Taylor is showing more than a passing interest in Sophie. Problem is Taylor has something over Alex and he’s not afraid to use it against him if it means Sophie can be his. Festering tensions spill over into a bloody roadside fight and Taylor seems to Sophie at least to be the innocent victim of Alex’s guilty conscience. When the trio arrive at an outback motel to work out what to do next, Alex disappears into the night. Sophie is sad but also half relieved Alex was not the man she thought he was and she agrees to drive on to the next town with Taylor. Finally Sophie is able to admit to herself that she has feelings for Taylor too. Acting on those feelings, however, takes Sophie and Taylor to a place from which only one of them can return.