Isolation (2005) - Synopsis

At the end of the road, beyond a rusted warning sign, is a scattering of aging buildings. This is Dan Reilly's farm: a murky rural outpost failing fast.

Right now money is tight and Dan (JOHN LYNCH) has been reduced to desperate means to make ends meet. He agrees to partake in some tests on his cattle. "Simple" pregnancy tests by a local biotech laboratory.

Orla (ESSIE DAVIS), the local vet and Dan's ex-girlfriend, visits the farm to ensure that the project is going as planned. During a routine check of the animals she discovers something is not normal, and alerts her boss, John (MARCEL IURES): the genetic scientist in charge of the tests. Meanwhile, deep in the woods on Dan's property, Jamie (SEAN HARRIS) and Mary (RUTH NEGGA) are hiding out in a dilapidated trailer that sits on a dead end road. They are on the run and they are both very scared.

Over the course of 24 hours these five people become unwilling participants - unable to escape the terrifying series of events, which no one could have predicted.

ISOLATION is written and directed by Billy O'Brien. The cast includes JOHN LYNCH (Dan Reilly), ESSIE DAVIS (Orla), RUTH NEGGA (Mary), SEAN HARRIS (Jamie) and MARCEL IURES(John). The film is produced by Ruth Kenley-Letts, Bertrand Faivre and Ed Guiney. The team also includes Director of Photography Robbie Ryan, Production Designer Paul Inglis and Editor Justinian Buckley.