Look Both Ways (2005) - Synopsis

Meryl imagines disaster coming from every direction train crashes, man-eating sharks, baby-eating killer whales and then there’s Nick. During a fiercely hot weekend Nick finds out he has cancer; Meryl’s grieving for her father; Andy, already unhappy with his complicated lot in life, hears his sometime girlfriend Anna is pregnant. All four grapple with their messy, unexpected, life-changing news, wondering whether the hand that fate has dealt them is deserved, whether bad news is punishment - whether they even have an entitlement to happiness. On Sunday afternoon, the rain brings relief, and everything seems clearer.

Reminiscent of early Jane Campion (PASSIONLESS MOMENTS, SWEETIE), animator Sarah Watt’s accomplished and uplifting debut live-action feature encapsulates a unique spirit and charm. LOOK BOTH WAYS was a huge domestic hit, picking up 4 AFI Awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor, and has won numerous critical and audience awards internationally.