Catch and Release (2006) - Synopsis

Gray’s (Jennifer Garner) seemingly picture perfect life is suddenly unraveling right beneath her feet. Shortly before her wedding, her fiancée dies tragically, leaving her reeling just when she thought she would be experiencing pure joy. With the passing of time, the former bride-to-be even begins to discover that her fiancée was hiding secrets from her. Consequently, she begins to question the very nature of the once happy relationship. Due to her current financial situation, Gray is forced to move out of her place and move in with her slightly off-beat, but good-hearted friend Sam (Kevin Smith). His warm and cheerful personality is very helpful during Gray’s transitional period as is the advice of her eccentric friend Maureen (Juliette Lewis). Oddly, she finds her closest companion in Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), her deceased fiancée’s best friend and a man whose very presence used to fill her with disgust. When the two find unexpected love in each other, it’s just another lesson that things are not always as they seem.