Live and Become (2005) - Synopsis

Award-winning ‘LIVE AND BECOME’, the beautifully crafted, epic story of migration, assimilation and identity which recently opened the UK Jewish Film Festival, is due open in cinemas across the United Kingdom on December 30 2005.

Directed by Radu Mihaileanu(Les Pygmes de Carlo, Train of Life), ‘LIVE AND BECOME’ opened to rave reviews in France where it has taken over 500 000 admissions. It was awarded the Label Europa Cinemas Award, The Panorama Audience Award and The Ecumenical Jury prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival and also went on to win Best Film at the Copenhagen International Film Festival in August 2005. At the recent Toronto Film Festival, ‘LIVE AND BECOME’ received several standing ovations and was first runner up in the coveted People’s Choice Award.

Starring Yal Abecussis (Ham ze Ham, Alila) and Roschdy Zem (Dreams of Trespass) ‘LIVE AND BECOME’ is a gripping and engaging tale of deception and survival that entwines the issues of politics, religious right, love and identity around the fate of one young boy. In 1984, displaced by civil war and famine, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians walked the long road to refugee camps in Sudan. Hidden among them were the Falashas, Ethiopian Jews and direct descendents of King Solomon. Israel airlifted the Falashas to a new life in Israel. In the mayhem, a starving Christian mother entrusts her 9-year old son with a bereaved Falasha mother. When the 'mother' of the newly named Schlomo (Agazai) dies, he is adopted by kind, liberal people. Wracked by his loss and the gravity of his secret, Schlomo struggles against his good fortune, unable to come to terms with a new country, a new culture and its own prejudices.

An Elzvir Films and O O O Productions presentation, ‘LIVE AND BECOME’ is released in the United Kingdom by The Works UK Distribution Ltd and opens in cinemas across the UK from December 30th. Certificate 12A. Running time 140mins.