Music Inside, The (2005) - Details

Annie (Amy Redford) is a recent college grad from New York who comes to Missoula to complete an internship working with recently discharged mental patients living together in a new apartment complex. Upon arrival she meets the Reverend Roger (Kurt Kroesche), the handsome, charismatic caretaker whom she eventually learns is not a reverend at all, but a fellow patient diagnosed with schizophrenia and a messianic complex. Despite his illness, Roger seems to have a greater grasp of the needs of his fellow patients than the overburdened state board that supposedly watches over them, and Annie finds herself taken in by his charm. After a local boy turns up missing, tensions begin to mount between the residents of the complex and their neighbors, and Annie, discovering cracks in Roger's calm facade begins to question his judgment, as well as her own. The first feature film from the Montana Filmmaking Cooperative is an ambitious, well-thought drama that balances suspense, comedy, and romance with a humanistic view of mental illness.



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