Urban Demographic, The (2005) - Synopsis

Seattle, Washington and its surrounding area is among the top 10 metro markets for radio. It’s a highly competitive area for stations looking to carve out a niche for themselves among listeners and advertisers. For over ten years K-Sof Radio has been a leader in attracting upscale advertisers. Yet over the last few years’ listener ship is way down and ratings and revenues have begun to plummet. Management has hired the nationally acclaimed Media Consulting firm of Sachs and Cohen to make an assessment and recommend to the Board of K-Sof (Davenport Media) ways that K-Sof can reclaim its prominence in the Northwest.

After an extensive market study it is determined that K-Sof could become a more profitable station by changing it's Classical music format to Urban Contemporary (Rap) music.
This recommendation and the subsequent change in format sends shockwaves through the community causing a local protest group “The Sista’s For Justice” to launch a boycott of the station and it’s advertisers.
The leader of The Sista’s For Justice, Rea Williams is the live in girl friend of Oliver Jackson a life long Hip Hop fan and the nighttime Maintenance man at the station now called K- Hip. Jackson is torn between his love of Hip Hop and his love for his girlfriend who is hell bent on riding the airways of rap music.

Complicating matters is a former underling of Williams, Janice Green who is the attractive and fiery new Morning Host at K-HIP. Green develops a crush on Jackson who is equally smitten with Greens good looks and equal love and appreciation of Hip Hop music.
Bob Johnson is hired to implement and manage K-Hip’s efforts to reclaim the number one spot in the market. Johnson falls for Joy Campbell an attractive retail store employee who like Rea Williams is opposed to rap music. Campbell as well is torn between her convictions about the negative images in hip-hop music and her affections for Bob Johnson the Program Director and man responsible for bringing Hip Hop music to Seattle.
Can K-HIP-FM survive and reclaim the number one spot in the ratings, or will public pressure and advertiser defection spell the end for Urban Radio?