A Hole in One (2004) - Synopsis

Ice Town, 1953, a young woman played by Michelle Williams, decides that a newly arrived miracle of science--a transorbital lobotomy --will fix everything but her small-time gangster boyfriend, played by Meat Loaf, is determined to keep her from getting "the ice-pick operation". A HOLE IN ONE intertwines the lives of four very different individuals: Anna, filled with an unhealthy obsession with mental health; Billy, her insanely jealous boyfriend; Dr. Harold Ashton, played by Bill Raymond, a neurologist who rationalizes his crazy belief in lobotomy; and Tom, Tim Guinee, a melancholic Korean War veteran who literally "falls" for Anna. Mixing surreal elements with "stranger-than-fiction" historical facts, A HOLE IN ONE depicts a young woman struggling against the madness of Cold War America