Ballad of Jack and Rose, The (2005) - Synopsis

Jack (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a single widower father. He has raised his 16-year-old daughter, Rose (Belle), in the remote environment of a long-abandoned commune on an otherwise-uninhabited island off the Northwest coast of Canada, when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Faced with the knowledge that the kid will need to be able to cope within the world after he dies, Jack starts to slowly try to expand her horizons, despite the difficulties that this emotional and growing experience soon brings into their lives. To help in that process, Jack brings a lover (Keener) back from the mainland, who moves in with her two teen sons, who themselves help introduce Rose to the wonders (and pains) of unbridled teen lust/love. Meanwhile, a local real estate developer (Bridges) wants to buy the commune from Jack.