Are We There Yet? (2005) - Synopsis

In Revolution Studios' family comedy Are We There Yet?, Nick (Ice Cube), a
smooth operator, is trying to land a date with Suzanne (Nia Long). Problem
is Suzanne, a divorcee, is stuck working in Vancouver and miserable because
she misses her kids. Seizing the opportunity, Nick gallantly offers to
make her wish come true - and his own in the process - by bringing
seven-year-old Kevin (Philip Bolden) and eleven-year-old Lindsey (Aleisha
Allen) up from Portland, Oregon to be reunited with their mom.
What Nick doesn't know is that Suzanne's children think that no man is good
enough for their mom and will do everything they can to make the trip a
nightmare for him.
Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.