Unearthed (2004) - Synopsis

When a downtown Tampa high rise project results in the discovery of ancient Indian artifacts, a brilliant but idealistic young archaeologist, Mallory Page (Katharine Kissingford), steps in to preserve the native Tequesta Indian history of site. On the eve of her team's eviction from the dig by the powerful politics of local progress, a discovery awaits - a discovery so profound that a bloody conflict spanning centuries and light years is about to spill into the backstreets and alleys of an unsuspecting city, and Mallory Page is caught in the middle. But a tough, seasoned Tampa detective, Victor Tonelli (Tom Savini), knows the series of brutal slayings erupting from the city's waterfront district is anything but normal, and he's determined to bring the killers to justice and to unravel the mystery that has been Unearthed.
Tonelli and his partner, Detective Jeff Juransky (Joe Davison), take on a non-stop battle with a gang of alienized street bums ("skreebs") as they track Dietz (John Franz), a shadowy suspect who is the apparent key to the bizarre murders. The mysterious Dietz stays one step ahead of the mayhem while protecting Page from an onslaught of skreebs sent by Voss (John Bernath), a powerful alien who uses the homeless to do his bidding from the underbelly of the city's industrial sector. Voss and Dietz share the same obsession: to recover the alien artifact unearthed at the downtown dig site by Page's team. From the first alley shoot-out to the final bloody confrontation in Voss' lair, Unearthed is a nonstop, action packed battle for its control...where no one has the upper hand, and everyone holds a secret.

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