Club Dread (2004) - Synopsis

Club Dread (2004) - Synopsis HeadingBroken Lizard is back . . . and this time America’s favorite new comedy group (of the runaway hit SUPER TROOPERS) takes off on a trip so outrageously fun . . . it’s murder.
Welcome to Coconut Pete’s Pleasure Island, a sun-kissed, booze-soaked resort where high-spirited comic hijinx are about to meet up with machete-wielding horror. It all starts when a group of fun-seeking young travelers arrive on the island ready to party with the resort’s staff, who are there to provide them with every legal form of leisure on earth, and then some. Run by the washed-up pop star Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton), still basking in the fame of his hit 70s single “Pina Colada-Burg,” the island provides the ultimate kick-back holiday . . . that is, until islanders start kicking the bucket.