Cameraman, The (2003) - Synopsis

In 1956, two young Hungarian film students witnessed in horror the violent Russian invasion into their country. When the population rose up in protest the Russians responded with a crushing vengeance taking the lives of many of their relatives and friends. Evading bullets, firebombs, soldiers and tanks the boys recorded it all through the lens of an old tattered camera they took from school. No longer having any chance of following their dreams in their war torn nation they decide to escape with their film in hand to show the world proof of this carnage. Barely escaping death, both manage to cross the boarder into Austria. Looking back from the other side, they pondered the cost of their freedom and the future of their country and of themselves.

They decided to go to America and seek out their future in Hollywood. Their journeys include working in the lowest of the low budget nudies and the lowest of low non-union films to eventually the biggest of films and eventually the ultimate brass ring, the Oscar.

The cameraman, stands at the true center of the action, where the directors find their security, the crew looks for direction and of course, the actors who must give them their undying trust.

All the stories on and off the sets eventually make its way to the eyes and ears of the cameraman. It is where all the untold stories are ultimately revealed.