Playmakers of New Orleans (2003) - Details

AKA : Playmaker, The

Set in the high-profile world of professional football, the action centers on gifted athlete TK Marsalis (Kodjoe) whose dominance on the field appears to be his ticket out of the innercity. But his world takes an unexpected turn in a single night, and Marsalis is forced to leave his first two loves, his girlfriend Jada (Saldana) and a promising future, behind. Several years later, a man named Lazurus Jordan becomes a member of the practice squad for a professional football team. Buoyed by the hardcore tactics of his coach Karl Lundell (Baldwin), Jordan emerges as an unlikely star to challenge the team's hot shot Omar Odell (Terrell Owens). As his recognition and popularity grows, Jordan is forced to face the mistakes of his past as Marsalis in order to claim his future.


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller