Roulette (2003) - Details

They've just committed a crime that's gone horribly wrong. There's a dead body, police sirens approaching and the bloody trail leads straight to them. There's no time to run, but there is a way out -- FOR THREE OF THEM. The dark pact is made and the game begins. Starring Emmy Award winning actor Justin Whalin ("Dungeons and Dragons", "Lois and Clark"), Scott Weinger ("Disney's Aladdin", "Full House"), Bret Roberts ("Nightstalker", "White of Winter") and newcomer Rob Greenlea in a story of four lifelong friends whose fates are tragically locked together. Tim Day , the co-screenwriter of "Hellraiser: Hellseeker" and "Hellraiser: Deader", makes his directorial debut with this gripping tale of redemption and friendship put to the ultimate test.


Short / Thriller