Suddenly Unexpected (2003) - Details

Suddenly Unexpected

Two young Mormon missionaries wake up to find themselves evicted from the house, where they had been renting rooms from a now deceased widow. Unbeknownst to the Elders, the widows daughter has come to settle the estate, evict them and have an estate sale all in one day. The two missionaries awake to find people rummaging through their belongings asking 'Is this for sale?'. The day takes some twists and turns as Elder Jones and Elder Smith ride their bikes to pick up a Birthday package for Elder Smith. The elders bikes are unfortunately backed over at the post office and they end up bumming a ride with an older but kindly man. The Elders hope to return home quickly but their new friend has other plans. They are soon off going from one strange adventure to another. The elders wonder what on earth they have gotten themselves into but before the day is out their view of the old man and themselves changes. We live in world of sorrow and pain but all it takes is one person unafraid to make a difference. The Elders are surprised and delighted when they learn this lesson first hand.


Adventure / Comedy