Paper Cut (2003) - Details

Paper Cut

The year is 1992. There is no Internet. There is no AOL/Time Warner. And soon there will be no George Bush in the White House. But in Louisville, Ky., the birthplace of Hunter S. Thompson there is a restless entrepreneurial spirit-music, poetry, sex and an existential comic-strip hero named "Clodhopper." Bringing together these disparate subcultures are Carly, Morgan and Chuck, three naively optimistic college grads. Ready to make their splash in the world, they create "Gonzo," an unabashedly referential publication that documents their world and pays tribute to the anarchistic spirit of fanzine journalism. As they grapple with their conflicted views of commerce and the sensational "alternative press," Chuck, Carly and Morgan strive to move the business forward. They struggle with the expected temptations that befall all new enterprises; meeting deadlines, generating revenues and then an unexpected one; navigating a love triangle that threatens to force the real world into their idealistic one. A glance backward in time, "Paper Cut" is about people trying to communicate in world where communcation is about to change forever.e


Comedy / Romance