Puckoon (2003) - Synopsis

The film PUCKOON is based on the best selling novel by the legendary comedy writer Spike Milligan. The novel is a comic masterpiece and has sold over five million copies.

Written and Directed by Terence Ryan, Produced by Ken Tuohy & Terence Ryan.


The cast Sean Hughes, Elliott Gould, and Richard Attenborough,. with John Lynch, Daragh O'Malley, Ronnie Drew, Milo O'Shea, David Kelly, Griffh Rhys - Jones, B J Hogg, Joe McGann & Jane Milligan.

In 1924, the Boundary Commission from Britain and Irish Free State decide on the New Frontier. After months of arguing a foot here and mile there, the Commission have only a short distance to finish the boundary line. Late on a Friday evening, with the pub soon to close, the Commission decide that it would be expedient if all the Commissioners held a red pencil on the map and everyone pull for the last small section of the frontier. With a great deal of pushing and shoving, Ireland is divided. Unfortunately, in their haste, they cut the village of PUCKOON in two, one half in the North, the other in the South. Within days border posts and barbed wire fences are set up.

PUCKOON is a brilliant and witty satire on how people cope with changes in their lives.

It is Spikes's skill as a writer and his deep humanity that has made PUCKOON a comic masterpiece. Behind the farce, the slapstick and the outrageous characters, there lies an attempt to explore the "Irish Problem" of sectarian division.

Laced with Irish comedy at its best, the story of the fictitious village of PUCKOON is a politically true, politically incorrect and profoundly funny tale. Its theme of the absurd and illogical method of the creation of a country's borders is pure Milligan at his satirical best.