Screaming Night (2002) - Details

When six friends head out for a night on the town that they will not be having the time of their fright of their lives. Upon having their van mysteriously start going awfully wrong. Immediately their van by a creature, half human and half something else. that the creature is more female then male she the average human... Abandoning the security or the lack of security of friends find refuge in an outwardly deserted building. To building is a run down, abandoned asylum. Once making themselves comfortable in the asylum haunting takes place. The friends discover the name of Lydia Harrison, was admitted to the asylum had slain a number of people in this particular very clear that Lydia is playing for keeps and she until her goal is accomplished. The horrid are a clear sign of a monster in rage. Through Claudia and Karl figure out that Lydia needs six immortal. After Lydia takes her victims one by one and stronger. The friends find themselves in a state until only Claudia and Karl are left.


Action / Horror / Thriller