Safety of Objects, The (2001) - Synopsis

Safety of Objects, The (2001) - Synopsis Image"The Safety of Objects" is an American suburban drama filled with subversive humor. We uncover the lives of four neighbouring families as they struggle to make honest human relationships. In doing so the characters realise they must emerge from the isolation provided by...the safety of objects.

In a desirable American suburb four families' lives become entwined. Paul Gold (Jackson) lies in his bedroom in a coma, nursed by his mother, Esther Gold (Close), who in her role has unintentionally distanced herself from her husband and her teenage daughter, Julie (Campbell). Jim Train (Mulroney) is a lawyer who has more intimacy with his work than with his wife Susan (Kelly), who in response chooses to settle into their new life without him. Their son Jake is finding it hard to conceal his burgeoning relationship with his sister's doll, Tani, the twelve-inch girl he adores. Annette Jennings (Clarkson), once Paul's lover, is in the midst of a messy divorce and is trying to keep herself together while bringing up her children, Sam and Rayanne, on a shoestring. Helen Christianson (Place), bored by her husband and the banalities of everyday life looks for something or someone to spark her.

Over the course of four days Esther enters a competition to win a car for her daughter and Jim, frustrated by his job, plays hooky to help her win; Jake throws over the Tani doll for some real friends; Annette reclaims her life when Randy (Olyphant) enters Sam's and Helen discovers what she has at home is not something she wants to replace.