Quattro Noza (2003) - Synopsis

In his new film, award-winning filmmaker Joey Curtis explores both the classic and modern urban myths of the West Coast within his intricate tale of youth rivalry, love and war. The battlegrounds are set inside two of the most emotionally volatile subcultures in Southern California: hip-hop and illegal street car racing.

The journey of inner city player Chato, a first-generation Guatemalan-American growing up in the hood of Crenshaw, Los Angeles, opens the door for two star-crossed lovers. Possessing the grace and innocence of a Mexican-born princess, Noza falls in love with Quattro, a white kid from the desert with the heart of an old-school street racer who burns up the same two-lane blacktop that his father did before him. This classic union sets the stage for a bitter vendetta in which all parties compete for the highest stakes.

By mixing factual stories with fantastic imagery, ordinary teenage experiences of friendship and romance become the stuff of folklore. Each member of this cast of non-actors was hand-picked over the course of two years in order to find the most beautiful faces and unique personalities that would elevate this classic union of characters to legendary status.